Do not just make a living. Design a life. 

You decide what you want from life (your dream) and then you develop a plan (BE> DO> HAVE) to get it.

Thinking, Habits and Self-Image

This means changing your inner-world with successful concepts and values which will ultimately find expression in the physical world (your outer-world).

Set worthy goals

One of the reasons why people do not set big goals is that they are not willing to take the pain that comes with achieving big goals.

Imagine a soccer game without goalpost

You'll have nothing to aim for, no purpose in life. It would be foolish and you would be wasting our time.

Take an honest look at yourself

Ask yourself if you are still the same person you were 5 years ago. Did you set a definite goal for yourself back then?

Well, most people go through life without any real goal (a particular area in their life to grow and make a meaningful contribution), it’s as if they have “arrived”. They seem complacent and content with no goalposts in their lives. Well, that’s not me, and it should certainly not be you.


To be the right person is where you begin (the starting point).

This means that being the right person relates to your:




The plan you have decided on and the application of that plan.

The application of a new or better goals (ideas) takes courage.

There will always be RISK involved 

Because you are never sure
exactly when you will see the fruit of your labour.

The results in your life today. Are you getting the results.

This is the part that tells you what you have accomplished so far in terms of your dream.

What short term goals have you achieved so far and what goals do you have to take action on. 

Are you on-track, or off-track.

BE>DO>HAVE relate to any definite goal worth achieving.

To achieve success in business,
whether big or small, I have
come to realize the importance of
understanding and applying
the principles of BE> DO> HAVE.


You decide what you want from life (your dream)
and then you develop a plan (BE> DO> HAVE) to get it.

Upcoming seminars & Destination

My speeches consists of business talks and mentality.

This usually take place at Tygerburg Art School. Where i give my perspective on life, business and your mentality to success. Other topic’s are also discussed along the way.

At the moment there are no seminars scheduled. The website will be updated if anything changes.