To achieve success in business whether big or small, I have
come to realize the importance of understanding and applying the principles of 


You decide what you want from life (your dream)
and then you develop a plan (BE> DO> HAVE) to get it.

The BE Part...

... is who we are today and what needs to change in order to achieve success.

To be the right person is where you begin (the starting point). This means that being the right person relates to your THINKING, your HABITS and your SELF-IMAGE.

It’s not who you are, but who you are becoming that’s important.

Example: In relationships you will not meet the right person until you yourself become the right right person…

We, as people, have the ability to change our inner-self for the better 

You and I can change who we are if we really want to; we are not robots – we are not “programmed”.
We do not purely follow our insticts like animals. we ave free-will; we can make our own decisions.

the do part...

... is the plan you have decided on and the application of that plan.

The application of a new or better goal (ideas) takes courage (risk involved), because you are never
sure exactly when you see the fruit of your labor.

You do not know how people will respond to your changing behavior as you apply your ideas.

You get it because you expect it.

Believe and expect your goal. Do not let it just be a fantasy, but take a little action each day so that it moves from being
a fantasy into being a theory which will then become an expectation which must be fulfilled.

Read, learn until you gain understanding of how to achieve your goal.
Never give up – stay determined and do whatever it takes.

The HAVE Part...

... is the results in your life today. Are you getting the results you were expecting?

This is the part that tells you what you have accomplished so far in terms of your dream. What short term goals have you
achieved so far and what goals do you have to take action on. Are you on-track, or off-track?

The result you will ultimately get, is in direct proportion of who you are today.

People are basically all the same, we differ only in our results.

If you don’t see results in he time you have allocated, then do not give up, but increase your knowledge. Adjust and make
a better plan.Ask yourself what do I have to know now which i have missed before.

Do not ask yourself whether you can do it or not ( you know you can ), but keep asking how can you do it.

Set a reasonable date/time for achievement, however, the exact timing of results we leave up to life itself.


One of the reasons why people do not set big goals is that they are not willing to take the pain that comes with achieving it.

Questions to ask yourself:

• What is your dream in life?
• Is it a small or big dream?
• Is your dream worth failing for?
• What has been the things holding you back from achieving it faster?


Be aware of your THINKING, your HABITS and your SELF-IMAGE. 


Thinking – Start mixing with the right people.
Habits – Your poor habits are keeping your good habits back
Self-Image – People destined for success absolutely believe that they are going to be successful, sooner or later.