Business Coaching Offer

The vision of Coach Calvin

The vision is to journey with you in your quest to build a sustainable business for many years to come.

This is indeed a challenge and I have seen many businesses fold before their true potential was realised.

Since I started my own computer training business in 1994, I have come to adapt to many changes and have learned many lessons along the way.

My goal is to share my knowledge and experience with you as I give you input on principles which every business owner should adhere to no matter how small or big their business has become.

Step 1:

Every first Saturday of every month (except Dec & January) we will have a 2 hour workshop on the business principles that applies to a small business.

Every business catagory is covered in detail in the workshop to understand the principles of each catagory in full.

Catagories include:

Vision and Plan
Money Management
Business Growth

Step 2:

Questions will arise after the meeting and to make sure concepts are fully understood, a questionaire will be provided and anwered in as much detail as the owner has understood.

This will be provided in an email to me for record purposes and to refer back to from time to time.

Step 3:

At least two Zoom meetings will be held over the duration of the month to discuss what new goals the owner will take action on in terms of the principles learned.

Note: Application to business principles are the key to long-term success.

This process is repeated on a monthly basis until all the catagories are covered.

The owner will start seeing business in a new light and if followed through on each aspect recommended by Coach Calvin, results will start to materialize.

Implementation and Evaluation

This process is easy to follow yet changes may be difficult to implement as we might be too set in our ways and not be prepared to make any significant business changes immediately.

Whether the small business owner lets go of old business practises or not, they will still experience the value of business support from Coach Calvin as I have been through difficult transitions myself.

Furthermore, just getting an “ahah moment” from a new idea that one might never have considered or actioned immediately is another valuable benefit of Coach Calvin.

Whether the journey becomes long-term or fizzles out due to lack of commitment or implementation from the part of the small business owner, this is a journey worth taking as there will be so many lessons learned along the way.