The HAVE part is the results in your life today. Are you getting the results you are expecting?


This is the part that tells you what you have accomplished so far in terms of your dream. What short term goals have
you achieved so far and what goals do you have to take action on. Are you on-track, or off-track.

What are the problems that are slowing down, and how can you achieve your goals faster. This is the part where you do an honest evaluation at different times in your life (e.g monthly and yearly).

This I refer to as “my reality check”.

The result you will ultimately get is in direct proportion of who you are today

Example: You cannot get more light from a 60 watt light bulb. If you want more light, you have to replace that bulb
with a fluorescent tube. The electricity (e.g profit/sales) is always there, you just have to become better channel,
like the fluorescent tube, from which that light can flow.

You cannot get better result when you are still thinking like an employee, when you should be thinking like an entrepreneur.


Once you decide to become a better channel, (through better thinking, better habits, better self image) you will get better light (better results) in your life.

It’s easy to become a “light bulb”, but it takes pain and persistence to become a “fluorescent tube” (have you ever thought that you could become a “spotlight” on a rugby stadium?).

Don’t ever be afraid to dream big.

Don’t ever get complacent, have a bigger purpose in life worth achieving.

People are basically all the same: we differ only in our results

It is our results that makes us different and sets us apart from other people.

Results take time. Make sure you make reasonable progress in reasonable time.

If you don’t see the results in the time you have allocated, then do not give up, but increase your knowledge.
Adjust and make a better plan. Ask yourself what do I have to know now which I have missed before.

Do not ask yourself whether you can do it or not (you know you can) but keep asking how you can do it.

Winners know how to handle failure

What if you get poor results (fail)? How does it affect your self image/attitude? What do you say to yourself when you fail?
This is a good question, because by law you will fail many times (make adjustments) before you win.

Those who know success also know what it feels like to fail.
They also know what it feels like to start over again, but they also know what it feels like to complete a goal and win.

Success has a price you have to pay, but the results is worth the price. Be prepared to take the pain. That’s probably the reason most dreams remain wishes, because most people are
just not prepared to go through the growing pains of small business.

They want results too fast and too painless.

We expect our goals to be achieved in a specific time, and if it doesn’t we shouldn’t give up but continue working on our goal until it is achieved. Here the key word is: UNTIL.

We set a reasonable date/time (detail) for achievement, however, the exact timing of results we leave up to life itself.

You cannot have better (or big) results in your life without
better (or bigger) thinking. Your results will be the reward (or reaping)
as the direct result of the change in your character (thinking) as you adapt to
the bigger star you are shooting at.

It will come. There is a time to sow and a time to reap, but it never happens in the same season. Do not make your evaluation too prematurely.

WHAT is your dream?

It could be investing in a property, adding to your business portfolio or buying a franchise, but whatever it is,
you cannot have the results unless you know exactly what the dream is. Unfortunately many people adjust their dreams downward along the way (scale down to a smaller one) because they do not see the results early enough.

Do not do that. Keep the faith. Keep the dream. Keep the determination to do what it takes, whatever it takes (gather more knowledge). Do not let go, until you see your dream becoming a reality.

You cannot evaluate your long-term goal until it is truly completed (until the last piece of the puzzle is put in place).

Remember the true meaning of excellence: Excellence is a commitment to completion.

That is the concept of BE > DO > HAVE